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Hilarious birthday cards for mom, laugh-out-loud edition

When it comes to celebrating Mom's big day, finding the perfect card is a must! While heartfelt messages are always appreciated, injecting a bit of humor into the mix can make her smile even brighter. In this blog, we'll explore three hilarious birthday cards guaranteed to tickle Mom's funny bone.

Let's dive in and discover the perfect blend of wit and warmth for Mom's special day!


Mum birthday card funny like Oops-a-daisy

Imagine Mom's surprise when she opens this funny birthday card adorned with an adorable daisy, only to find a hilariously unexpected message inside. This card is perfect for adding a touch of whimsy to her day. 

Funny birthday card for mom, with daisy on cover.

Funny mother birthday cards are the best and so isn’t the Fountain of Youth

For the mom who's always young at heart, our Fountain of Youth birthday card is sure to bring a chuckle. The cover features a comical depiction of Silicone Valley and the inside of the card is as witty as can be!

Funny greeting card for mom, fountain of youth on cover.

Bird birthday cards like no other, Crow’s Feet and all

This angry bird card is perfect for the mom who embraces her quirks and laughs in the face of aging.

Funny greeting card with angry crows on the cover.

When it comes to celebrating Mom's birthday, a funny card can be the perfect way to show her how much you care while bringing a smile to her face. Whether it's one of the ones above or another, each one of our greeting cards offers a unique blend of humor and heartwarming sentiment that's sure to make Mom's day extra special. So, go ahead, pick out the perfect funny birthday card, and get ready to share some laughs with Mom on her special day!

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