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Happy Easter cards

One of the best ways to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus is with an Easter card. One that would have Jesus himself laughing his backside off at, Bunny Bandit. Granted, he’d probably denounce thievery but since it’s lighthearted and all in good fun, here comes something.


Funny Easter cards for adults

Hold onto your bible! The Bunny Bandit hasn’t been to confession in a while. Nope, he’s been hopping around the globe ransacking coop after coop in an attempt to meet the egg demand for Easter.  And the rest, well, it’s history in the making!

Funny easter card, bunny stealing eggs from hen.


Humorous Easter cards, yes, please

Perfect for a friend or a loved one in need of a pick-me-up, this humorous Easter greeting card is sure to evoke a chuckle or two. Just don’t be surprised if a dozen eggs show up on your doorstep at random or in the form of a deviled appetizer on Easter Sunday. 

Lady farmer holding basket with eggs, Easter card.


Hallmark funny holiday cards…

…meet Skeeter Cottontail, Peter Cottontail’s long-lost brother. The black sheep of the family or rabbit shall we say, Skeeter is notorious for breaking the rules and throwing badass Easter shindigs to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus, medicinal herbs, and all!

Funny Easter card of bunny smoking a blunt.

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