Paper Bound Greetings
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At first it started out as a fling turned love affair with Words.

A tale like no other that unfolds a little something like this…

Shortly thereafter meeting on a whim, I found myself infatuated, enticed by his ideas. So, I dusted off my jacket, ripped the rules from my pages and as he slid his key into my lock, I hung onto his every syllable like a Shakespearian sonnet. A cadence of sorts, index is to shivers running up and down my spine…we brainstormed atop my table of contents then moved from one passionate chapter to the next. And in between the lines, we let our imaginations run-on for sentences on end until he crossed every t and dotted every i, not once but twice!!

Then 9 months later I gave birth to Paper Bound Greetings and it was and always will be a labor of love!